SM Entertainment responds to rumors of Red Velvet adding more members

Red Velvet has denied recent rumors of the team possibly being a rotational group, and will be staying as five in the future.

With the addition of member Yeri for the group’s comeback, netizens speculated that Red Velvet could have been a rotational group with various evidences such as the music video of the teams’s debut track “Happiness” and the listing of original members Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy still listed under SMROOKIES. 

In a recent interview with Xportsnews, this has, however, been denied by the Red Velvet.

In response to the question ” Will there be any more member changes in the future?” Red Velvet answered,“We have heard so many theories about this. For example, there were six slices of cake in the music video (“Ice Cream Cake“), so there would be six members. We have also heard theories of there being twelve members. However, there will be no more member changes in the future,” clearing up rumors and ensuring fans that the team will remain as five.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet has officially started promotions for “Ice Cream Cake” on various music programs.

Source: Xportsnews