Red Velvet Are Continuing Their “Psycho” Domination As They Set A New Record With 50 Million Views

Red Velvet are continuing to rock 2020:

After making their highly-anticipated return on December 23 with “Psycho”, Red Velvet have absolutely been crushing it. Not only have they been dominating the charts but they’ve also been setting records left and right!


Since it’s release, “Psycho” not only became one of the only girl group songs to reach #1 on Melon’s Realtime charts, it also was the only girl group song to reach #1 on Melon’s Daily Top 100 in 2019. Red Velvet also was the first girl group to get a “real-time all-kill” in 2019!


Red Velvet definitely rocked the end of 2019 and they’re continuing right on into 2020! Not only has “Psycho” consistently stayed on the charts in the top 4, but it’s also setting even more records.


On January 11, “Psycho” officially hit 50 million views. While already an impressive feat, Red Velvet did so in 19 days, 15 hours, and 32 minutes which meant “Psycho” became the fastest video on the SMTOWN channel to do so! Previously, the record was 19 days and 19 hours set by EXO with “Tempo”.


Dominating 2019 and now 2020!

Red Velvet