Here’s Why Red Velvet Don’t Want To Be Called “Summer Queens”

They gave their thoughts on this title of theirs!

Ever since their debut, Red Velvet has always embraced challenges, and impress their fans with brand new concepts each time!

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They’ve made fans fall in love with their bright image…

…their sultry, sexy vibes…

…and now, are stunning everyone with another concept, yet again!

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Even though they have tons of concepts under the belts, their summer concepts remain a fan-favorite, and many Reveluvs still jam to songs like “Red Flavor”, “Power Up”, and “Umpah Umpah”, and fans have lovingly given them the nickname, “summer queens”!

Red Velvet recently made their comeback with their new album, The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm, and their concept this time is gaining attention from everyone for their new ballerina-esque visuals and elegant vibes!

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Regarding their concept this time, Wendy shared how since this is a spring comeback, they want to focus on delivering the feelings of springtime emotions with their songs!

As you know, people look for spring songs whenever the spring season is back. We, Red Velvet, want to take charge this spring.

—Red Velvet

Wendy | SM Entertainment

Joy also hinted at future comebacks for the year, and commented on how rather than being known as “summer queens”, they want to be known as queens of all seasons!

Since we are about to release many albums this year, we’d like to be the queen of all seasons.


Joy | SM Entertainment

No matter what season, Red Velvet will absolutely slay!

Red Velvet made their comeback with “Feel My Rhythm”. Watch the MV for it here!

Source: The Korea Times

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