Red Velvet’s Stunning Performance Transforms The 2022 Dream Concert Into Their Queendom

Red Velvet’s reign in K-Pop has no end in sight.

Red Velvet attended the 2022 Dream Concert, and with eight years in the industry under their belt, they happened to be the most senior group to attend. And just as it’s always been, Red Velvet captivated everyone with their incredible vocals, heavenly beauty, and charismatic performance. The cheers were so loud, it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t actually their own concert.

Since South Korea only recently lifted the ban on screaming for concerts, Seulgi expressed how eager she was to look forward to Reveluvs’ cheers and also for the sound of everyone singing together. Her expectations were not disappointed: the entire time Red Velvet was on stage, there was never a silent moment from the crowd.

As soon as the start of “Feel My Rhythm” started to play, the audience went wild, giving the loudest and warmest reception to the girls.

When the time came for Joy‘s iconic confetti line, the audience became Red Velvet’s backup chorus, singing in perfect unison.

With their next song, “Queendom,” the energy within the stadium only grew stronger.

Just listen to the crowd singing along to the chorus!

And after their performances were over, fans still had enough power in their lungs to scream loudly every time a member introduced themselves.

Of course, Red Velvet lived up to the roar of the cheers: for both “Queendom” and “Feel My Rhythm,” the girls made it clear that their mics were on.

The impact Red Velvet has is stronger than ever, and fans around the world can’t wait to see what more Red Velvet has in store.

Red Velvet