3rd Gen K-Pop Idol Goes Viral For Looking Like A 4th Gen Visual

She looks over 10 years younger than she actually is!

Many K-Pop idols from the last few years are popularizing a natural, youthful style of beauty. However, there is one 3rd gen idol that’s making waves for having “4th gen style” visuals!

NewJeans is a popular 4th gen group.

It’s none other than visual legend Red Velvet‘s Irene who is quickly gaining attention for her unchanging youthful beauty in recent photos.

Red Velvet’s Irene | @preciousrenebae/Twitter

From her long hair to her outfit choice, netizens think she could pass for a 4th gen idol.

| @preciousrenebae/Twitter

Specifically, netizens are calling her a beauty that appears “once every thousand years” due to her flawless, doll-like facial features.

| @preciousrenebae/Twitter

She may be in her 30s, but her visuals haven’t seemed to have changed in the last 10 years.

| @preciousrenebae/Twitter

Her youthful aura is unmatched!

| @preciousrenebae/Twitter
| Dorothy
Source: Nate PannHe

Red Velvet

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