Red Velvet’s Irene Looks Like A Blue Tinkerbell At The BYREDO Event

Her gorgeous visuals strike again!

Red Velvet‘s Irene made a public appearance at a promotional event for the brand, BYRED.

red velvet irene 2019 1

She arrived dressed in a blue and white patterned dress, bold blue bag, and nude heels.

irene blue tinkerbell 3

She posed for the press as her beauty resembled that of a Tinkerbell with her hair tied up high in a bun and an adorable short dress!

irene blue tinkerbell 4

Irene smiled brightly as she sent the press and fans hearts as a thank you for coming out to see her.

irene blue tinkerbell 1


The crowd cheered from her beauty as she cutely smiled in embarrassment.

irene blue tinkerbell 5

But ever the professional, she soon returned to pose like the boss that she is! And netizens couldn’t help but shower her with praise!

irene blue tinkerbell 2

“She’s so pretty”

“That’s crazyㅋㅋㅋ Her styling is spot on today she looks so good!”

“Even the photos seem to smell nice”

“Wow Irene is really pretty”

“She was born so pretty I’m jealous”

— K-Netizens

Here’s to another legendary look from this visual goddess!

red velvet irene 2019 4

Source: Newsen
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