Red Velvet’s Irene Confesses To Feeling Embarrassed While Watching Herself In The Film “Double Patty”

This is Irene’s very first leading role in a film.

Red Velvet‘s Irene recently appeared in a preview interview for her upcoming film, Double Patty, and she revealed how she felt about acting in her very first film.

“Double Patty” | KT

Double Patty is a film about an aspiring wrestler and an aspiring anchor comforting each other after a difficult day.

“Double Patty” | KT

And regarding playing her first leading role in a film, Irene confessed her honest feelings.

While watching the entire movie, I just couldn’t get myself to focus. Seeing myself acting on screen made me feel embarrassed.

— Irene

But she also stressed that the film helped her heal.

Thanks to the various scenes of the movie including eating show scene, I gained a lot of strength and comfort from it.

— Irene

A great deal of attention is paid to Irene’s big-screen debut, especially after the spotlight she gained in her recent controversy.

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The film is set to premiere on February 17.

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