Red Velvet’s Irene Is Stronger Than You’d Think When It Comes To This

“She just endured… and slept through it.”

Red Velvet Irene‘s petite and thin body makes her look like she could even faint if exposed to heat for too long.


The Red Velvet members revealed that this was absolutely not the case! During a radio show interview, the members discussed the massive heat wave that’s hitting Korea at the moment.

“Which member is the most sensitive to heat?”

— Choi Hwa Jeong, Radio DJ


Yeri began by admitting that she was the one who was most sensitive to the heat.

“Last time, I became ill from the heat and threw up.”



Joy explained that Seulgi and Yeri were probably the most sensitive to heat and that she and Irene actually enjoyed being in the heat.

“But if you think about it, Seulgi and Yeri are the most active among our five members but they’re both particularly sensitive to the heat.

But for Wendy, me and Irene… Well, I don’t know about Wendy but for Irene and me, I think we tend to enjoy the heat since it’s good for your body.”



In fact, Joy mentioned that one time, the air conditioner in Irene’s room was broken but that didn’t stop her from sleeping soundly on a day when heat wave warnings were blasting.

“The air conditioner in Irene’s room was broken on a day when the heat wave warning was issued, but she just endured [the heat] and slept through it.”


“Like a dry sauna.”



Irene’s ability to endure the heat mayor may not have something to do with the fact that she is from Daegu, one of the hottest areas in Korea. Daegu is even nicknamed Daefrica (Daegu + Africa) for how hot it can get.


Fans have taken this fact into consideration and created fun webtoons that have become quite popular among Red Velvet fans. One of them depicts Joy, Seulgi and Yeri trying to overcome the heat by gulping down cold juice.


While Irene walks in wearing a trench coat that’s literally on fire! Of course, she calmly exclaims that it’s already “fall” in Seoul.


Fans just can’t seem to get over how cute Irene is for enjoying the heat!

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