Red Velvet’s Irene Tells “Esquire Korea” How Much She Misses Fans

We miss you too, Baechu!

In a recent interview with Esquire Korea, Red Velvet‘s Irene showed a lot of love for her fans!

Red Velvet’s Irene | renebaebae/Instagram

When asked what her happiest moment after debuting as a singer was, she responded: “I guess during our concert, where it was filled with people who want to listen to Red Velvet sing, who cheered for Red Velvet, filled with people who I miss the most right now.”

Irene even includes fans in her plans for 2022! She said that her main goal is “to meet with fans more often, and I’m planning to do that. I guess to do that, I need to stay healthy and stay fit.”

| renebaebae/Instagram

Red Velvet fans were touched by her words and showed how much they miss her too!

We love a queen who shows appreciation for her fans! Here’s to Irene’s health and happiness in this upcoming year.

Watch the full interview here:

Source: Esquire Korea/Youtube

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