These No-Makeup Photos Show What Red Velvet Irene’s Skin Is Really Like

You’ve probably never seen Irene’s skin so bare.

Red Velvet‘s Irene returned from Chile after their SM Town Special in Santiago concert wearing no makeup and she was a goddess.


On January 22, Irene arrived at the Incheon International Airport and despite 23-hour plane ride, Irene, more specifically, Irene’s skin looked flawless.


On this day, Irene was sporting wide sweat pants paired with a comfy sweater and a long coat to add a touch of flair.


She also carried a small handbag that suited perfectly with her petite figure.


But what was the most eye-catching was Irene’s radiating beauty and the fact that she didn’t even have any makeup on!


While Irene is obviously a queen on stage with stage makeup…


She proved that she doesn’t have to wear makeup and dress up on stage to be one!

Source: Dispatch

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