Red Velvet’s Irene And Seulgi Are Getting Their Own Reality Spin-Off Series This July

It will be a spin-off of their Level Up! Project series:

Red Velvet will be launching a new Level Up! Project spin-off series with Irene and Seulgi ahead of their subunit debut!

On June 15, SM C&C Studios revealed Red Velvet would be releasing a new spin-off of their much-loved reality program Level Up! Project called Level Up! Thrilling Project to commemorate Red Velvet’s first unit. The name of the new series is a delightful play on Irene (아이린) and Seulgi (슬기)’s names as the word “아슬” in “레벨업 아슬한 프로젝트” means “thrilling.”

The new show will feature the daily life and sisterly chemistry between Seulgi and Irene as they take on various challenges and experience new things together.

Through the program, Irene and Seulgi will show off their amazing bond as they do everything from going on a date at a hot spot to enjoying a thrilling horror experience together. The duo will also be showcasing their strength through collab stages and more and displaying their adorable duality as they take on all of these new challenges!

Level Up! Thrilling Project is set to begin airing on July 8 at 11 AM KST through the wavve platform. Additionally, it will also be streaming through true ID in Thailand. You can watch a trailer clip for the show below:

Source: Newsen and News1

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