Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi Reveal Their First Impressions Of The Original “Monster” Demo… And Fans Feel The Same

“It was absolutely breathtaking…”

In a recent interview titled “Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI THE STAGE” on SM Entertainment‘s YouTube channel SMTOWN, Red Velvet‘s first sub-unit Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi shared how they felt about the initial “demo version” of their fierce new track, “Monster”.

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As charismatic as the demo version sounded, Irene shared, “As soon as I heard the song, I became somewhat worried as to what kind of choreography will come from it.”

Seulgi recalled how chilling certain parts had been.

When I listened to the English demo version, I realized it had a familiar voice. It was [SM Entertainment’s producer] Yoo Young Jin‘s voice! And it was absolutely breathtaking. I was captivated.

— Seulgi

She added, “In fact, he gave it such a vibe that we wondered if we would be able to pull off the same energy.” Fortunately, according to Seulgi, Yoo Young Jin himself directed the recording session — and so everyone came to be 200% satisfied with the track!

While K-Pop fans immediately grew curious about Yoo Young Jin’s demo version of “Monster”…

SM Entertainment Producer Yoo Young Jin

… the choreographer Janelle Ginestra uploaded a series of videos on her Instagram — showing the original choreography being performed to the said demo version of the song!

Fans are completely mesmerized by the moves and the pipes in these videos…

  • “Yoo Young Jin’s voice is like automatically tuned. He sounds the same even though he must be a lot older now… Why is he so good at singing?! LOL.”
  • “Please let me download the file… It’s f*cking amazing!”
  • “Whoa, Yoo Young Jin’s voice is one thing. These dancers are another… I wish I could see those moves on stage.”
  • “What, producer Yoo Young Jin?”
  • “Where is the full version of the demo? This is insane. I’ve been listening to the video on repeat for like a dozen times now, LOL.”
  • “Wow, his voice is f*cking unique.”

… to the point that some are playfully demanding that Yoo Young Jin releases an album of his own!

  • “Um, this version is seriously insane.”
  • “What the f*ck, seriously. LMAO.”
  • “Wow… His voice is so satisfying. His style is super catchy to the ear too.”
  • “I can totally hear TVXQ sing this… Anyway, drop Yoo Young Jin’s version in full too, please. T-T It’s literally too good!”
  • “He still has it.”
  • “Producer Yoo, you’re unbelievable. He’s good at what he does.”
  • “F*cking lit though! LMAO. Damn, Yoo Young Jin is really talented.”

You can best hear Yoo Young Jin’s voice rip through the air in this post:

Watch the full interview here:

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