Red Velvet’s Irene And Seulgi Describe How The Sub-Unit Changed Their Relationship

They dished about each other at a recent press conference.

Red Velvet‘s Irene and Seulgi recently came back as a sub-unit with “Monster”, which is currently slaying the music charts.

During a press conference for SM C&C Studio’s reality project, Level-Up Thrilling Project, Irene and Seulgi opened up about how the sub-unit changed their relationship for the better.

Regarding the preparation stages of the sub-unit, Irene expressed,

I haven’t noticed any big differences before, but while preparing for the sub-unit together, I began to realize that in the work-related sense, Seulgi grew up a lot. I was happy to see that she has grown in a different way from before.

– Irene

Irene then went on to describe how the sub-unit changed her views on her fellow member, Seulgi.

Now, she’s actually my little sister, Seulgi. Before, I just felt like we were fellow Red Velvet members. But now, I feel like she’s my actual little sister.

– Irene

And in response, Seulgi didn’t hold back on sharing her thoughts about what kind of person Irene has become for her after the sub-unit.

To me, she’s actually like my big sister. I only have a big brother, so I didn’t know what it felt like to be taken care of my a big sister.

– Seulgi

Seulgi continued,

I’ve felt this ever since I was little and we started working together. She’s an actual ‘unnie.’ I felt it a lot in the things she said and her letters, but I feel like thanks to her, I grew a lot and learned a lot about people.

– Seulgi

Level-Up Thrilling Project is a spin-off of Red Velvet’s Level-Up Project which will showcase Irene and Seulgi’s daily life in commemoration of their successful sub-unit debut.

Looks like fans will get to see Irene and Seulgi’s even closer relationship with their own eyes!

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