Red Velvet’s Irene Discusses How She Spent Her Time During Her 10-Month Long Hiatus

What a multi-talented lady!

Red Velvet is making their highly anticipated comeback and ReVeluvs couldn’t be more excited! While their comeback isn’t for another couple of weeks, the girls celebrated their upcoming comeback, as well as their 7th year anniversary with a V Live session. It was here that Irene discussed her 10-month long hiatus with the viewers and what she did to spend her time.

Red Velvet during their 7th year anniversary “V Live” | @RVsmtown/Twitter

When member Joy asked, “unnie, how did you spend your time?” Irene responded with a simple response.

Red Velvet’s Irene.

Me? I just worked out.

— Red Velvet’s Irene

It was here that Yeri shared that she heard through the grapevine that during Irene’s hiatus, she “learned a lot of things.”

Oh yeah, I learned a lot. I have been learning how to draw because I think I’m a bad artist.

— Red Velvet’s Irene

Seulgi and Wendy exposed Irene’s humble nature by revealing that she was actually very good at drawing!

Wendy: “But you improved a lot!”
Seulgi: “After seeing what you showed us…”
Irene: “That’s only because the teacher helped me a lot.”

The Red Velvet leader also shared the other hobbies she began taking up during her 10-month hiatus.

I also learned dancing like tutting, as well as other dances.

— Red Velvet’s Irene

Wendy and the others then began complimenting their group’s leader for her cooking abilities, while sharing some memories of Irene’s past dishes.

Wendy: “She’s been doing a lot of house related chores lately. She made us food and stuff. She made us takoyaki out of the blue, but it was so good!”
Irene: “I remember buying each ingredient for that dish.”
Joy: “Oh my gosh I remember that! The squid was so big.”

It is nice to see all 5 members of Red Velvet chatting and laughing together with their fans! Red Velvet will be making their comeback with their 6th mini-album titled Queendom on August 16, so be sure to check out their teaser down below!

Source: Insight and Nate Pann

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