Red Velvet’s Irene Watches Dumbo on “Bae Joohyun Screen” in Celebration of Her Birthday!

And fans are super touched by this!

Red Velvet‘s Irene recently celebrated her birthday on March 29th! And Korean fans have cooperated with the movie theater CGV Hongdae in Seoul to rename two screens as the “Bae Joohyun Screen” and “Irene Screen” for a week.


So between March 26th through April 1st, when Koreans accessed the ticketing page for CGV’s Hongdae location, it showed floor 7 as the “Thanks for Today Floor”, screen 4 as the “Bae Joohyun Screen”, and screen 3 as the “Irene Screen”!


Not only did the movie theater have two screens dedicated to Irene and the celebration of her birthday, but also the elevators and promotional screens flaunted posters of the gorgeous K-Pop idol.


Fans were thrilled to see Irene’s birthday being celebrated on a large scale this way!


And to the fans’ surprise, Irene actually visited this location of CGV movie theater and watched the recently released movie “Dumbo” on the “Bae Joohyun Screen”. She posted the picture of her ticket on Red Velvet’s Instagram story and used a Dumbo sticker to share that she watched the movie!


This really touched Red Velvet fans’ hearts. To Irene’s fans, it is even more special that Irene watched this particular movie on the screen dedicated to her birthday celebration, because fans have long teased Irene for her small face and comparably large ears by calling her Dumbo. Irene knows that her fans endearingly call her that too!


In the Instagram story, Irene commented “So you’re Dumbo, huh?” and fans can’t handle this Dumbo x Dumbo moment!

Source: Instiz

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