Red Velvet’s Irene Attempts To Be A YouTuber, Only To Fail In The Most Adorable Way

Irene attempted the famous focus technique.

In a recent upload by Vogue Korea, Red Velvet‘s Irene carried out a “What’s In My Bag” session where she revealed the contents of her purse.

But when Irene attempted the famous “focus technique” used by many YouTubers, things didn’t particularly go according to plan.

Irene held up her hairpin, and in order to help the camera focus on the item, she raised her hand.

However, she held it up on the wrong side, preventing the viewers from being able to to see.

As a result, all viewers saw was the palm of Irene’s hand.

She even asked a staff member, “How do you do this?” before covering her face with embarassment.

But it’s hard to deny that Irene’s epic failure was pretty damn adorable.

Some of the fans’ comments include “That’s adorable“, “She must’ve watched YouTubers do it but didn’t practice properly“, and “She looks so confused“.

Check out the full “What’s In My Bag” video by Vogue below:

Source: Insight

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