Red Velvet’s Joy Allegedly Unfollows Crush Sparking Mass Speculation

Netizens are claiming the couple has broken up.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is rumored to have unfollowed boyfriend Crush.

Crush (left) and Joy (right) | Pinterest

On December 2, rumors claiming Joy had unfollowed her boyfriend Crush ran rampant. While Crush’s Instagram has since mysteriously been deleted, netizens claim that Joy had unfollowed the singer first. Notable is the fact that Joy’s stylist has also deleted their account.

The rumors have since gone viral, with many speculating on the future of the stars’ relationship.

Meanwhile, Crush and Joy first announced they were in a relationship in 2021. The couple had been largely adored by fans, but Crush recently was subject to backlash after laughing at jokes audiences found inappropriate. You can read more in the link below.

Crush Faces Backlash From Angry Netizens For Laughing At “Rude” Joke About Red Velvet’s Joy

Source: @joystgrm/Twitter

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