Red Velvet’s Joy Gains Attention For Her Visuals In The White Dress At The 29th Seoul Music Awards

We stan a beautiful talented artist!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is further gaining attention for her crazy beautiful visuals!

At the 29th Seoul Music Awards held recently, Joy began receiving attention for her bright visuals, along with the beautiful, bold blue dress that she was wearing!

But another outfit of Joy from the same event is also gaining attention, even now! The white dress she donned for the performance of “Psycho” has been gaining lots of positive attention from netizens because of how ethereal she looked!

The group also won a Bonsang at the event, and when Yeri handed her the bouquet of flowers, Joy looked blindingly beautiful in the light, with fans likening her to a gorgeous bride!

Fans and netizens alike have been commenting on her superior visuals from the event:

She looks perfect


F*cking pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m a fan of another group but  I saved this pic because I was shocked at how pretty she looked


Park Sooyoung, I love you


Red Velvet’s last comeback was with the repackaged album The ReVe Festival: Finale, and title track “Psycho”.

Watch the MV here!

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