Red Velvet’s Joy Shows off Her Stunning Curves at the 29th Seoul Music Awards

Joy absolutely slayed her bold outfit.

Red Velvet recently attended the 29th Seoul Music Awards where the four members who attended stunned everybody with their unmatched visuals.


Among all of the gorgeous members, Joy received quite the spotlight due to how well her dress highlighted her curves.

On this day, Joy killed it in a blue mini dress paired with simple jewelry and heels.

She even showed off the brightest smiles for the cameras, making her look shine that much brighter.

Despite the dress being a hard outfit to pull off, Joy managed to absolutely slay while flaunting her gorgeous body line.

Ahead of this grand reveal, Joy gave her fans a sneak peek at her outfit through her Instagram account.

She even captioned it, “See you soon, Luvies” and proceeded to express her regret that Wendy couldn’t join them.

My heart aches because Wendy isn’t here, but we’re all waiting for the day that we see our fans again.

– Joy

Check out some more photos of Joy’s bold outfit below:


Source: Dispatch

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