Red Velvet’s Joy Was Moved To Tears By A Fan’s Heartwarming Message Of Support

“Sooyoung, you’re my vitamin.”

Red Velvet‘s Joy couldn’t hold back her tears after hearing this touching message of support from a ReVeluv.

Joy from Red Velvet. | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Earlier this year, Joy appeared on an episode of Jessi‘s Showterview with Jessi following the release of her debut solo album. During this episode, Joy spoke about how the pressures of creating an album for the first time in a while and working as a solo artist weighed on her.

Joy and Jessi. | @jessishow_official/Instagram

In light of this, one fan took the time during a video call to remind Joy that ReVeluvs will always be by her side cheering her on, whether she is working with Red Velvet or as a solo artist.

Sooyoung, you’re my vitamin. And when you said you have some stuff on your mind on Showterview with Jessi, I really, really wanted to tell you this: You have us by your side at all times. We are rooting for you and supporting you ceaselessly. If nothing else, I want you to remember at least that. Okie?

— ReVeluv

| @happyjoy903/Twitter 

The fan’s kind words brought tears to Joy’s eyes. Because she started crying, the fan jokingly said “Well now we gotta eat some watermelons!

| @happyjoy903/Twitter 

This was in reference to Joy’s countdown livestream held before the release of her album. During the livestream, Joy read letters sent in by ReVeluvs cheering her on and sharing their love for her. While reading them, Joy broke down into tears.

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

One fan during the countdown live asked Joy to eat the watermelon in front of her, which she did even though she was still crying! However, Joy said it helped her feel better.

“It’s delicious.” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

The love between Joy and ReVeluvs is so strong and we all hope Joy knows that fans will always be supporting her.

Source: Instagram, @happyjoy903 and YouTube

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