Red Velvet’s Joy Debuts New Hairstyle And Everyone Is Blown Away By Her Beauty

It’s called the “hush” cut.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is known for her versatility in pulling off various looks. Recently, when she had a change in hairstyle with bangs, many praised her for her sunshine beauty.

On October 12, 2022, she debuted a new look without any hair covering her forehead.

She happily posed for fans.

The hairstyle is a unique one with many layers. It is called the hush cut by South Koreans.

Layers with an obvious length difference make the wispy hairstyle special.

While everyone was blown away by her beauty, they couldn’t help but wish for Joy’s bangs more.

  • “I was on the side for her bangs…But seeing her put them up, I fell in love with her hair up.”
  • “Is it the hush haircut? She suits it well. Year-end Joy is coming.”
  • “Wow, it matches her well. Since she got layers, it looks light and pretty.”

Joy can pull off any hair, any time!

Source: Nate Pann

Red Velvet

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