Red Velvet’s Joy And TWICE’s Chaeyoung Are Huge Fans Of This “Show Me The Money 9” Rapper

Weki Meki’s Doyeon and IZ*ONE’s Sakura are fangirls too!

Show Me The Money 9 has been airing for the past couple of months and they are continuing to make headlines for various reasons! While the show itself is addictive with incredibly talented rappers showcasing their talents, one rapper in particular is gaining notoriety for a slightly different reason. Rapper Wonstein has been collecting some famous female idol fans and netizens are noticing!

Still from “Show Me The Money 9” | Mnet

The rapper debuted in 2018 with a collaboration song, “NOISE” that featured his label mates Mommy SonKim Seungmin and Zior Park. With the release of the song, the 25 year old rapper began to made his mark in the underground K-hip hop scene. Wonstein had previously auditioned for the Show Me The Money series three times prior, but it was only during the current Show Me The Money 9 season that he started to gain traction in his career.

Still from “Show Me The Money 9” | Mnet

With his funky song-like rapping style and natural groove of his lyrics, Wonstein has officially captured the hearts and the attention of Korean female netizens. He is starting to gain some notable female idol fans as well as a few have publicly stepped forward declaring their love (as a fan) for him! Let’s take a look at his famous fangirls.

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First up, we have TWICE‘s Chaeyoung, who also boasts an incredible talent in her own rapping abilities. She posted on TWICE’s official Instagram her love for the rapper with a photo of Wonstein’s song, “Infrared Camera”.

Chaeyoung really showed off her admiration for the rapper and the song with some of her favorite lyrics from the song.

I can’t believe it…his voice is really really good. Soft knee socks. Blue knee socks.

— Chaeyoung

| Naver

Next up, to continue Wonstein’s impressive list of female idol fans is none other than Red Velvet‘s Joy! The girl group member also proudly shared her fangirl moment on her Instagram story.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

With a snapshot of Wonstein rapping on the television in the background, the Red Velvet beauty captioned the photo,

Wow…seriously it’s so good…I’m a fan.

— Joy

While it may have not been publicly revealed like the two previous girl group members, it has also been revealed that IZ*ONE‘s Sakura is a big fan of the rapper. Wonstein’s fangirl list just keeps getting better and better!

| theqoo

As if that list weren’t impressive enough as it is, Weki Meki‘s gorgeous visual Doyeon has also been revealed to be a fangirl of the Show Me The Money 9 rapper. Netizens are calling him a “king” for his crazy list of beautiful idol fangirls.

Still from “Show Me The Money 9” | Mnet

Is this guy okay though? Seriously, someone check up on him because this is an insane list of fangirls! It’s not one, not two, but four beautiful idol ladies who are fans. Wow, what a lucky fellow. If you are curious about why these ladies are falling head over heels, check out Wonstein’s incredible rapping talent down below.

Source: Insight, Wikitree and Instiz