Red Velvet’s Joy Goes Viral For Turning Her Walk To Work Into A Whole Photoshoot

She went from sexy to cute.

Red Velvet‘s Joy has been serving a whole new level of visuals recently. With her fresh haircut involving bangs and a shoulder-length long bob, she’s not just a snacc but the whole damn course. She turned the walk to work into a photoshoot on July 6, 2022. As she strolled into the recording studio for the variety show Animal Farm, she wore a backless black minidress and a smile like sunshine.

She posed delicately for the fansites who were waiting for her outside the studio.

While the dress delivered some sass and sexy, her face was entirely adorable.

She definitely lives up to her name.

With minimal makeup and pink lips, she showed off her bubbly personality.

After the recording, Joy changed into a loose white babydoll dress.

It was a complete 180 from the sexy black number!

She rocked both styles and everyone had to agree.

Netizen responses to Joy’s looks. | Nate Pann
  • “I’m so f*cking jealous of her face shape.”
  • “Since fans call her an angel, it’s so cute how she posed like one cuz of that.”
  • “Crazy. I’m a fan of another group but I always save Joy’s to and from work pics when she goes to film for Animal Farm. F*cking pretty.”
  • “Joy’s pics to and from Animal Farm are always becoming a hot topic nowadays. It’s impressive as she’s 9 years into her career.”
  • “So pretty.”
  • “Her hands aren’t really pretty but her collarbone is so pretty…”

We love seeing how she slays every week on the way to work! This time, she went viral with over 30,000 views on the photos alone.


Source: Nate Pann

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