Red Velvet’s Joy Gains Attention For Her Sexy Visuals At Their “R To V” Concert

“The woman we lost to Crush.”

Red Velvet recently held a two day concert, R to V, at the KSPO Dome. The girls performed for thousands of loving fans, with numerous outfit changes. Member Joy quickly went viral for her jaw-dropping visuals!

She looked like the epitome of a princess.

The various styling let her visuals shine.

Fans were partial to this corset look.

She looked both sultry and chic at the same time.

Even for the casual encore outfits, she looked perfect in their band tee.

The custom-made pink outfits suited her lovely vibe.

Fans compared this look to Princess Jasmine.

A particular video of Joy performing “Bad Boy” took the internet by storm with how hot she looked.

The dance break was also unbelievably sexy.

As the clips went viral, fans couldn’t contain it any longer. Some wanted to fight Joy’s boyfriend, rapper Crush

Others deemed “Bad Boy” her era.

She truly served that day!

Source: Nate Pann

Red Velvet

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