Red Velvet’s Joy Goes Viral For Her Gorgeous Visuals And Cute Banter With Fans On Her Way Home From Work

She’s a summer goddess! 😍

Red Velvet‘s Joy is once again turning a trip to work into a full-fledged photoshoot with her stunning beauty!

In her dainty off-the-shoulder dress, she refreshes fans in the hot summer weather with her charming personality.

Not only does she look like a goddess posing for fans taking photos after work…

…she also engages in the sweetest conversations with them, urging everyone to eat well.

She even remembers the fans who wait for her!

Posing cutely to demonstrate the humid weather, her cute and sexy duality is making netizens fall even more for her.

  • “Joy is really Joy. She’s fresh and pretty just like her name”
  • “Wow, she looks so cool and refreshing. The pose, clothes, expressions, background are all so good”
  • “I think she is a Disney princess!!”

It’s hard not to smile as she poses elegantly for her adoring fans.

Check out more gorgeous HD photos of her below!

Source: theqoo

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