Red Velvet’s Joy Publicly Speaks Out About Wendy For The First Time Since Her Accident

She spoke up on national TV.

It’s been a few weeks since Red Velvet‘s Wendy suffered a severe injury after falling from the stage due to negligence of the concert staff.

After sustaining fractures on her right cheek, wrist, and hip, SM announced that Wendy will not be able to participate in Red Velvet promotions for the time being.


Joy appeared on Happy Together 4 where she opened up for the first time about Wendy’s injury and her current health.

She explained that Wendy is still hurting right now from the aftermath of the accident. She sincerely hopes that she will be able to recover soon so that they can return to doing what they love the most together.

Our Wendy is hurting a lot right now.

I hope that she recovers this year and that we’ll be able to go out on concert tours again.

— Joy


Joy vowed that for the new year, she wants to make sure she takes care of those around her and enjoy the small things in life that bring her joy.

Instead of seeking out one large happiness, I want to take care of those around me and not lose sight of the small happinesses.

— Joy


Yoo Jae Suk then wished a speedy recovery as the whole cast clapped for Wendy.


Red Velvet will be embarking on their tour soon, but Wendy will not be participating as she’s still in recovery. Best wishes for Wendy’s speedy and healthy recovery.


Check out the full segment below:

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