Red Velvet Reveals This Was Their Main Concern While Performing In North Korea

“It felt strange. We were very nervous.”

Red Velvet had made history when they went to perform at Pyongyang, North Korea last year for Kim Jong Un and many other North Korean officials.


During Soomi’s Side Dishes, Red Velvet recalled how they felt “strange” and “were very nervous” about performing at North Korea.


Wendy and Seulgi revealed that they were especially worried about how they would perceive their songs, which are unlike any songs in North Korea, and the titles just happened to be the ones that could be taken in a sensitive way.

We were really worried about how they would feel after hearing our songs. And the songs we decided to sing happened to be titled, ‘Red Flavor’ and ‘Bad Boy’.

— Wendy and Seulgi


Despite their worries, Red Velvet proved that they were beloved both North and South of the DMZ as even Kim Jong Un praised them as they shook his hand.


Check out Red Velvet’s performance in North Korea!

Source: Newsen

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