Red Velvet May Be Releasing An English Version Of One Of Their Hits With A Featured Artist

Someone has been dropping hints over on Instagram…

K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin is back at it again with his new release hints—and this time, he may be hinting at an English Red Velvet song with a collaborating artist!

On July 24, Jeff Benjamin dropped a bombshell on Twitter: BLACKPINK isn’t the only girl group with a collab coming up. Alongside their August release with an unknown collaborator, Benjamin teased that another K-Pop girl group has a collab coming up too. In this case, he said the release will be a new version of one of the group’s existing songs.

Numerous fans in Jeff Benjamin’s Twitter replies suggested that Red Velvet may be the girl group in question, but there was no evidence to go on—until now.

Today, one ReVeluv on Twitter tried their luck by asking Jeff Benjamin for confirmation on Instagram. Aly (@semmi9181 on Instagram) commented, “is Red Velvet the K-Pop group you said that will release a new version of their song in English with a featured artist?”.

And while Jeff Benjamin himself didn’t respond, someone else did. Aly’s comment was posted under a reply from Jeff Benjamin to Kevin Germanier, a Swiss designer who provided Joy’s dress for the group’s July 25 Dream Concert performance. A few minutes later, Germanier chimed in with a confirmation: “it is 🖤”.

Kevin Germanier is yet to respond to fans asking how he knows the well-kept secret, and Jeff Benjamin himself hasn’t responded either. Of course, that hasn’t stopped ReVeluvs from getting their hopes up.

With Red Velvet’s 6th anniversary coming up on August 1, many people think the group may drop a special track for fans. If they do, it will be the first time the members sing together as five since Wendy’s stage accident in December last year.

Jeff Benjamin had previously announced that a K-Pop act would be releasing their first ever original English song soon as a gift to their fans. However, it seems to two teasers are unrelated, as the other refers to a new (possibly English) version of an existing track, not an original song.

So, while there’s still no confirmation, fans think there’s every possibility a new English Red Velvet release could be on the cards. Given it’s success, “Psycho” seems like the most likely candidate for an English version, but no one knows quite who to expect as a featuring artist.

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