This Red Velvet Member Is Turning Heads Due To Her Resemblance To Song Hye Kyo And Lee Hyori

Not 1, but 2 beauties? Lucky girl!

Red Velvet member Joy is used to making headlines for her beauty but this time, her beauty is being noted due to her resemblance to two of South Korea’s top beauties!

The Red Velvet member posted a series of photos onto her Instagram account and her visuals are being compared to actress Song Hye Kyo and singer Lee Hyori!

Wearing some trendy blue sunglasses, Joy can be seen posing in a multitude of poses in her photographs. She paired her funky sunnies with a matching blue denim top and dangly earrings, both by designer Gucci.

She looks effortlessly cool and chic, all the while highlighting her beautiful features. However, her fans noticed that the girl group member reminded them of someone and it was none other than Song Hye Kyo and Lee Hyori.

With comments such as, “omg unnie you’re so pretty I thought you were Lee Hyori”, “you look just like Song Hye Kyo!”, “she somehow looks like both Lee Hyori and Song Hye Kyo” and “I really see Lee Hyori in you”. It’s flattering to be compared to just one beautiful celebrity but two? We can’t imagine!

Left singer Lee Hyori, right actress Song Hye Kyo

We can kind of see the resemblance as all three have big but seductive eyes and similar face shapes. The three ladies also share the amazing ability to look beautiful, cute and sexy all at the same time. No wonder netizens were gushing over their resemblance!

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What do you guys think? Do you agree with netizens that Joy resembles the two beauties of Korea?

Source: Naver, E Daily Korea and Hancinema

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