Red Velvet Performs Without Seulgi And An Injured Yeri, Fans Extremely Worried About The Two

They’re really concerned.

Red Velvet has fans worried after their recent performance.

On October 25, Red Velvet attended the 14th Anniversary of Sports World Big Concert, where they performed their tracks “Umpah Umpah” and “Ladies’ Night”. When the performance began, however, fans noticed that Seulgi was missing, and Yeri was to perform while sitting down.

Yeri then explained that she had hurt her toe, and was therefore unable to perform the choreography that day. Although fans were worried about her injury, their minds were put to ease slightly as the situation was explained and also praised her for performing despite her injury.

Fans were very worried, however, when they saw that Seulgi was not performing at the event, as this would be Seulgi’s first time missing a performance ever since their debut, and there was also no prior announcement by SM Entertainment about her absence at the event.

Fans hope to get an update about Seulgi soon, and that wherever she is, she’s safe and healthy! They also wish Yeri a speedy recovery, and hope to see all 5 of the members together on stage!

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