Red Velvet Receives Praise For Their Amazing Performance And Stage Manners At Korea University’s Festival

They did their homework before going.

Summer is here in South Korea which means college festivals are in full blast. Red Velvet was invited to perform at the prestigious Korea University’s festival, IPSELENTI 2022. They entertained a crowd of over 10,000 people gathered on the sports field.

While many other performers such as Jay Park and PSY also wowed the strong crowd, Red Velvet impressed the festival-goers with their performance and stage manners. Many raved about how Red Velvet not only had witty comments and interactions with the audience but also how they did their research on the school before coming.

Review from festival-goer. | Nate Pann

They performed live and also conversed with the students and Joy even taught the dance moves for her part in “Feel My Rhythm”. They gave out chocolates while singing a ballad and I was so jealous my friend caught one from Wendy. They even sang Minjok’s Aria (Korea University’s school cheering song) It was so funny. They were also cute when they did the animal sounds and they were good at hyping the crowd. It felt like not only did they prepare a performance but also what to say in between and so everyone was more excited.

— Netizen

Joy even taught the students her iconic part in “Feel My Rhythm”.

Students were very impressed with Red Velvet’s research on the school before they came. They even sang the school’s representative song and also tried out the school’s cheer. As cheering culture is a huge part of Korea University, Red Velvet certainly did not come to play.

The line-up for IPSELENTI was mad. It was a pity I couldn’t participate in the cheering but what is an older student to do? Anyway, especially Red Velvet, they did so so much research on Korea University and so the view on them became so so so positive. They sang the cheering song and even the cheer jingle… Ha, I was so happy. And Yeri is really so pretty, I love you, Yerim.

—  @Cea_gull

They hyped up the students with the school’s trademark song and jingle.

Everyone only had praises for them! For those that missed out on their amazing performance, check out a fancam of the night below.


Source: Nate Pann

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