Red Velvet Praises Kim Jong Un As A “Warm Person”

Red Velvet attended a luncheon at the Blue House with President Moon Jae In and revealed how they felt about the Pyongyang performance.

Red Velvet was invited by South Korean President Moon Jae In to the Blue House for a luncheon with the other members of the South Korean artistic group that performed in Pyongyang in April.

Red Velvet, along with many other renowned South Korea artists, visited Pyongyang during the end of March and beginning of April for an epic joint performance of the North and South.


Based on their experience with Kim Jong Un and the overall performance, they shared how they felt about their time in Pyongyang, while also describing Kim Jong Un as a “warm person”.

“The North Korean audience was unfamiliar with our music but still clapped for us. We knew that Kim Jong Un came to the performance but we didn’t know we would be meeting him afterward. He was very warm to us.”  Red Velvet


They added that they hope to perform again at another similar event.

“We’d like to perform again, whether it be at Pyongyang or Panmunjom on the South Korean side.”  Red Velvet


Meanwhile, Korean netizens have not been hesitant on criticizing the comment, claiming it is disrespectful as a South Korean to compliment Kim Jong Un.

  • “Disgusting. Just say you admire the Nazis”
  • “They say that because they’re empty-headed…”
  • “Reallyㅠ does a warm person murder his brother, shoot his uncle and then send back the dead body of Warmbier?”
  • “A person who murders his own brother with the world’s deadliest poison in broad daylight seems quite warm indeed^^”
  • “How is it any different from a German singer saying that Hitler is a warm person. This is trash”
  • “Yes, I hope you meet a warm person just like him~”


This isn’t the first time Red Velvet’s description of Kim Jong Un became a controversy. Yeri was criticized for considering it an “honor” to meet him.

Red Velvet Yeri Sparks Controversy With Her Comments On Meeting Kim Jong Un


Red Velvet’s interaction with Kim Jong Un in general received particular interest from netizens due to the rarity of the situation.

They shook hands and exchanged a few words with the North Korean leader.


Irene’s photo next to Kim Jong Un also gained much attention from the media at the time, showing that any interaction between the popular girl group and the North Korean leader is critical.


Source: News1 and Chosun Ilbo

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