Red Velvet’s “Psycho” Music Video Just Earned Them A New Record

It’s a big day for ReVeluvs and Red Velvet!

ReVeluvs, you have something to celebrate today!

On November 17 at about 11:30 AM KST, Red Velvet‘s music video for “Psycho” reached 200 million views!

The music video was originally released on December 23, 2019. This means that it took about 10 months and 24 days to reach this milestone!

Their first music video, and the only other one to reach it before “Psycho”, to reach 200 million views was “Bad Boy”. Released on January 29, 2018, this MV reached this milestone in April of last year, which means it took it about a year and two months.

And so, “Psycho” is now Red Velvet’s fastest music video to reach 200 million views!

Even though Red Velvet has had a pretty quiet year in terms of comebacks while waiting for Wendy to make a recovery from her tragic accident almost a year ago, this just goes to show that they’re still a powerful and successful group!

If you want to watch “Psycho” to add even more views to the legendary music video, check it out below!

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