Red Velvet Releases More Teaser Images AND A New Clip

SM Entertainment continues to tease Red Velvet fans with an unending flurry of promos.

Red Velvet is preparing to make their first foray into the music scene since the release of their wildly successful album, Russian Roulette, with their fourth mini-album, Rookie. Fans are eagerly anticipating Rookie‘s release on February 1, and SM Entertainment is stoking the flames of desire with its release of various teasers.

Just hours after we reported on the release of Seulgi‘s teasers, concept photos of Red Velvet’s Wendy were also released. SM Entertainment has also just released an exciting teaser clip!

Check out the new teasers below:

Fans remain unsure of whether the comeback will be more “Red” or “Velvet”, but it’s plain to see that it is bound to be as quirky as ever.
Wendy shows us her playful and sensual sides simultaneously; this dichotomy has been part of the group’s massive success.
“Rookie” throws us back to innocent, pre-debut days, but these teasers only reveal that Wendy is a well-seasoned idol.

Check out the just-released teaser clip for Rookie!

Aside from their promotional activities, Red Velvet is busy preparing to perform at the SXSW Music Festival on March 17, as representatives of the program’s K-Pop showcase.