Red Velvet Releases Teasers For Upcoming Comeback Album “The ReVe Festival Day 2”

The girls are taking us with them on a musical adventure to end the summer with a bang!

It’s an amazing time to be a ReVeluv! Aside from the news that Ariana Grande joined our ranks, our favorite girls have been gifting us with teasers and promotional images for their forthcoming comeback album The ReVe Festival Day 2, set to be released on August 20 at 6:00 p.m. (KST), and we are here for all of it! 👏

One of the first promotional images released is an eclectic shot of the girls of Red Velvet looking as cool as ever! Doesn’t it feel like we’re about to take a fun trip across an undersea galaxy together?

The second image they released ups the sense of playfulness, giving us a clearer idea of what we can expect from this album. Not coincidentally, the name of the cute octopus café, Umpah Umpah, is also title track off of the mini-album. Umpah umpah, for those wondering, is the Korean onomatopoeia for the sound a person makes when they’re learning to swim—the perfect title for this song, which is shaping up to be a bubbly, refreshing track that is totally on-brand with Red Velvet’s lively and energetic vibe.

If the teaser images weren’t enough to get you excited, Red Velvet also shared a short video clip featuring colorful and entertaining animations and a snippet of the “Umpah Umpah”, which, although brief, makes you want to get up and dance!

Presumably, not satisfied solely with enticing us with the feel-good beat of “Umpah Umpah”, our thoughtful queens released more song teasers, this time for the tracks “Carpool” and “Love Is The Way”. Both snippets had us dancing in our chairs at work. We can’t wait to hear more, and we’re sure all ReVeLuvs share in our excitement!

According to the group’s official Twitter account, The ReVe Festival Day 2 is expected to feature six songs across multiple genres. Have you pre-ordered your copy of The ReVe Festival Day 2 yet? What song (or songs!) are you most looking forward to from this mini-album?

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