Red Velvet Joy’s Retro Outfit For “Hello” Reminds K-Netizens Of Lee Hyori And Jun Ji Hyun’s Iconic CFs

Bottom line? Joy fashion icon, it-girl, queen!

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently released her solo single, “Hello”. Not only did it top various iTunes charts in 26 countries, it also claimed top spot on Melon for a few hours after release. Her first “Hello” live stage was slated for June 4, 2021, and boy did it make an impression!

Her outfit immediately drew attention for its unique retro vibes. The funky, printed, tight button-down shirt paired with denim reminded Korean netizens of the trendy looks back in the early 2000s. Joy herself even made the reference to the iconic looks sported by fashion icons Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Hyori in their CFs for Anycall.

It’s been a while, Music Bank. Tune in live now! Today’s vibes are Anycall.

— Joy

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

For those too young to get the reference, Anycall was a brand of cellphones that was released exclusively in South Korea in the early 2000s. Even SHINee did a CF for them! Anyhoo, Jun Ji Hyun’s colorful button-downs were a huge topic when it first came out.

Lee Hyori also sported similar boot-cut denim and a tight printed shirt for her CF shoot.

| theqoo

Many netizens praised Joy for being able to pull off the look that reminded them of their younger days.

As iconic as the look is, it’s refreshing to see the younger generation bring back past trends. Check out Joy’s beautiful live performance below.

Source: theqoo

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