Red Velvet Reveal How They Feel About Going To North Korea

Red Velvet members shared their thoughts on being the only idol group going to North Korea.

Prior to the South Korean art troupe’s departure to North Korea for the “Spring is Coming” concert held in Pyongyang, the artists’ gathered for an interview. Red Velvet members also shared their thoughts on being the only K-Pop idol group to be invited north.


When asked to share how the group feels about the concert in North Korea, Red Velvet stood up and Seulgi took the mic.


Seulgi began by expressing gratitude for being the only K-Pop girl group to be included in this year’s art troupe to go to Pyongyang, North Korea.

“We are honored to be a part of such a meaningful concert with other amazing artists.” — Red Velvet’s Seulgi


She added, “We’re actually the youngest members of the troupe. We’ll be sure to deliver the positive, bright energy to the North Koreans.”


After the interview, Red Velvet departed to North Korea to perform on April 1st and 3rd.

Source: OSEN