Stylists Under Fire Again For Making Red Velvet Wear “Too Revealing” Outfits

“What is that? Why are they making them wear that?”

Red Velvet’s stylist has been under fire once again for Red Velvet’s revealing outfits at their latest concerts.


A user of an online community has shared a post explaining that Red Velvet’s outfits on stage were too tight and revealing.


According to the user, whenever the members’ skirts moved up and down, their underpants showed or when they move their hips to the choreography, some rude male fans cheered and made disgusting comments.


This is what male fans said when the members’ underpants were showing because their skirts were to short: ‘Wow…f*ck’, ‘This is my pick of the day’, ‘I think I’m going to come’.”


The user concluded by pleading, “I beg ReVeluvs and other fans to please help. Red Velvet are not dolls. They should not the objects of disgusting thoughts.”


Netizens chimed in to criticize the stylist for making Red Velvet wear such clothes that were absolutely unnecessary.

  • “Seriously is that the best stylist they can pick out of the hundreds of candidates? The stylist is terrible. These are members who’d be popular and beautiful even if they cover their entire body so why are they making them wear outfits like that? It almost seems like the stylist has a vengeance against Red Velvet or something. The male fans are also so disgusting. It’s even making me feel shameful.”
  • “What is that? Why are they making them wear that?”
  • “Red Velvet outfits always look like they’re unsuccessfully copying BLACKPINK. Their stylist sucks. I think it runs in SM Entertainment. They’ve always had terrible stylists.”
  • “Omg…that big heart dress…I saw that 10 years ago on a Japanese variety show…the girls’ aprons were the exact same design…They said it was a design that made your breasts look bigger…Wasn’t there anything else they could copy…?”
  • “Is this a joke? What’s up with the revealing outfits? Aren’t they going to fire that stylist?”


This was not the first time Red Velvet’s stylist was criticized for offending fans with Red Velvet’s revealing outfits. Fans were angry after seeing Irene on multiple occasions looking very uncomfortable in short skirts.

Fans Angry At Stylists For Making Irene Uncomfortable With Revealing Outfits


Fans were also concerned when some of the members had to wear extremely short skirts during their “Peek-A-Boo” promotions.

Red Velvet Performed In Their Shortest Dresses Yet, fans concerned


More than anything else, fans seemed to be disgusted by how some of the male fans were taking in Red Velvet’s looks on stage and could only hope that the stylist would prevent this from happening in the future.

  • “Putting the outfit issue aside, saying things like I wanna come or this one’s for tonight is gross.”
  • “This is crazy…People who say they’re fans, whether they’re male or female, and sexually harass the members or act weird are seriously disgusting. It’s just dirty.”
  • “This is why we don’t need male fans. They’re not fans. They’re just a perverted bunch of idiots.”
Source: Pann Nate

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