A Touching “Carp Bread” Story About Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is A Testament To Her True Character

The incident took place when Seulgi was in middle school.

A touching story about Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has surfaced online.

One netizen took to the online community to share what a middle school student did for her when she was still in elementary school.

In the post, the netizen explained that it was a cold day when all she wanted was to eat carp bread. But she had no money at the time, so she had no choice but to watch her friends eat instead.

According to the netizen, she was just watching blankly when an older student in middle school approached her.

Do you want to eat carp bread?

— Seulgi

The netizen explained that she said no and tried to hide her desires, but Seulgi offered her carp bread anyway.

I bought carp bread, but there’s too many. Can you help me?

— Seulgi

The netizen then concluded that she bowed to Seulgi and that her farewell was well returned.

See you.

— Seulgi

Not only was the netizen touched by her kind gesture, but she was amazed that she later became a famous idol.

While the famous idol remained anonymous in the original post, the netizen revealed Seulgi’s name in the comment due to the overwhelming demand.

The story is now trending as a testament to Seulgi’s true character.

Source: Insight

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