Red Velvet’s Seulgi Becomes Global Ambassador For Italy Luxury Brand Salvatore Ferragamo

She’s the perfect fit for the brand.

Italy luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo announced that they have chosen Red Velvet’s Seulgi as the global ambassador. As part of the campaign, they also released a video of the Let’s Dance shoe capsule collection with Seulgi.

This campaign is inspired by “dance” and the essence of freedom to express oneself, and create a symphony of light with colors, micro rhinestone detail, and glitter. In the collection video, it reveals a solo performance that transcends the point of reaching escape and liberation, ultimately expressing a positive present.

Seulgi commented, “I was impressed with the collection, which showcased Ferragamo’s elegant and modern sensibility, in collaboration with global film directors. I’m looking forward to more wonderful promotions with Ferragamo.”

Source: yna

Red Velvet

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