Red Velvet’s Joy Playfully Gets “Jealous” Of Seulgi At Wendy’s Showcase For “Like Water”

We love their friendship.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy will be making her long-awaited solo debut with Like Water on March 5, 2021 at 6pm KST. While Reveluvs wait in excitement, the petite powerhouse greeted the media at an exclusive showcase and press conference. Fellow group member Joy took the role of MC for the showcase.

Not only did Joy make sure to show support for one of her favorite unnies, she also expressed jealousy at Seulgi! Seulgi will be featuring on Wendy’s B-side track, “Best Friend”. Talking about the track, Wendy explained that the song was originally meant to be a solo. However, she purposefully asked Seulgi to sing the track with her, and it ended up as so. The song is one meant to express gratitude towards your best friend.

Joy was quick to jump in, expressing her jealousy jokingly.

I’m jealous. I hope that next time, she will sing with me.

— Joy

Not to worry — Wendy teased fans (and Joy!) by claiming, “As Joy is also my best friend, I have prepared a song that suits her!” Stay tuned for more updates on Wendy’s solo debut. Congratulations to the vocal queen on her very first solo album!

Source: Star Today

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