Red Velvet Seulgi’s Brand New Blonde Hair Goes Viral For Wrong Reasons

Her hair became the talk of town after it did this!

Dark no more! Red Velvet‘s Seulgi bleached her hair back to blonde for the first time since their ‘Ice Cream Cake’ days back in 2015.


She unveiled her new hair color during their recent performance for Rock Music concert.


Her new platinum blonde locks surprised all of the fans in the audience.


Everyone was in awe of how well she pulled of her new blondness, when something happened mid-performance…


… Seulgi’s hair shot straight up into the air because of static!


Fans began screenshotting the adorable moment as they nicknamed her the “Dandelion Spores”!



Despite her static-shock hair going viral, Seulgi remained professional as she put on a stunning performance for her fans!

Watch Seulgi’s re-blonde debut in their full performance below:

Red Velvet