Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is Now The New Face Of Coca Cola Korea, Along With Park Bo Gum

They’re both the ambassadors for Coca Cola Korea!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has been selected as Coca Cola Korea‘s new face!

On December 23, it was announced that actor Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet’s Seulgi will be working together for Coca-Cola’s 2020 campaign.


Park Bo Gum has been the model for Coca-Cola since 2017, making this his third year with the company. Every year, the company showcases a new, unique new year campaign. For this year, the ad ad will feature Coca-Cola’s Little Big Moments campaign. The message of this ad will be to show the small, yet very precious pockets of happiness in everyday life.

Seulgi and Park Bo Gum’s 1 minute advertisement will air on TV starting January of 2020.


Coca-Cola commented,

“Park Bo Gum’s bright energy and Seulgi’s lovable image was the perfect match for our 2020 campaign.

We hope that our new campaign with these two will help customers find small but previous moments throughout their daily life.

—Coca Cola


Seulgi will be the second Red Velvet member to collaborate with Park Bo Gum!

Previously, Park Bo Gum worked with Red Velvet’s Irene as co-MCs of Music Bank, where the chemistry they shared was so favorable with fans that many were convinced that they were totally dating!


The two have cleared up suspicions of dating rumors on multiple occasions, with Irene once stating that they were such good friends, she didn’t even know there were rumors!


I didn’t even know there were any dating rumors…



Park Bo Gum  recently released his new song for the holidays, “Happy Merry Christmas”, and Red Velvet also released their repackaged album for their final comeback of the year, The ReVe Festival: Finale, with title song “Psycho”.


Watch the MV for”Psycho” below!

Red Velvet

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