Red Velvet’s Seulgi Reveals Just How Popular She Was In Elementary School

She invited how many people to her birthday party???

Seulgi recently appeared in a new upload on Red Velvet‘s YouTube channel to celebrate her birthday.

In light of her birthday, Seulgi demonstrated how she makes banquet noodles that she even made for her fellow member, Yeri.

She asked me to make it for her again next time.

— Seulgi

Because her birthday is on February 10, Seulgi shared that it was always vacation or graduation time around her birthday when she was still in school.

She then went on to share a sad story about one of her birthdays in middle school.

I thought my friends would throw a surprise party for me. But everyone was so distracted by graduation that they forgot it was even my birthday. I went home crying.

— Seulgi


But she did recall the good memories she had on her birthdays when she was in elementary school, and it goes to prove just how popular she was in school.

I really liked inviting friends over when I was little. On my birthday, I would invite all my classmates, which were around 40 people, and I would invite 30 extra friends from other classes. If I invited 70 people, around 40 would come.

— Seulgi

She described what she would do with her friends at her party, and recalled having a really good time.

We made Kimbap together and ordered hamburgers. My parties during elementary school were the most fun.

— Seulgi

Even though she wasn’t as festive for her birthday as she grew older, it’s clear Seulgi has always been popular with lots of friends!

Watch the full story below:

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