Red Velvet’s Seulgi Gets Unexpectedly Real About Fights She’s Had With Her Members — And How They Hid Them From Fans

They handled it in the best way possible.

Like most other K-Pop idols and their group members, Red Velvet practically grew up together. Having shared a dorm for so long, it makes sense that the members would have gotten to into disagreements here and there, something Seulgi recently spilled on with unexpectedly hilarious honesty.

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Seulgi made a guest appearance on comedian Jonathan Thona‘s YouTube show, TheKstarNextDoor. While there, she spilled on everything from her favorite fourth generation K-Pop group to the time she attempted to scold her fellow trainees (it did not go as planned).

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But she also got real about the ups and downs she’s shared with her members over the years. Jonathan brought up the subject by asking her if she’d ever been angry with her members, and was hilariously brought up short when she said, “Surprisingly, I had fights with every member.”

Jonathan asked if the fights had ever gotten physical by gesturing amusingly, but Seulgi firmly denied it. Rather, she said the fights were verbal and had often culminated in the members not speaking for days.

This had led to plenty of discomfort among the members…

…and they did their best to avoid speaking in whatever way they could.

Seulgi even made Jonathan burst out laughing when she imitated the way she and her members would respond to questions about their friendship when they were in the middle of a fight.

Yet, Red Velvet never fought for long. Seulgi explained that, because fans were constantly watching them, the members learned to resolve their issues quickly. They did this in the most mature manner, discussing things openly and doing their best to empathize with each other. Seulgi said they would check in with each other asking things like, “Have I done something wrong to you?”

All in all, Red Velvet have been together for eight years now, so while fights and disagreements are inevitable, it’s great to see how the members respect and empathize with each other!

Watch the full clip here.

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