Red Velvet’s Seulgi Names Wendy As One Of The Artists She Respects The Most—Here’s What She Said

She gushed about her best friend’s amazing talent!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and Wendy are bandmates and best friends, and while sharing her playlist with fans, Seulgi made sure to include one of Wendy’s songs as one of her favorites!

Seulgi and Wendy

Seulgi recently shared her playlist with fans through KBS‘s Youtube channel, where she also revealed what led her to join SM Entertainment as a trainee all those years ago!

As she talked about the songs that have inspired her from her childhood until now, she revealed that one of the songs on this playlist was none other than Wendy’s SM Station song, “Spring Love”, ft Eric Nam!

Wendy and Eric Nam | SM Entertainment

A must to listen to during spring! “Spring Love”! My friend Seungwan [Wendy’s Korean name], and Eric Nam sunbaenim’s song.


While listening to the song’s gentle rhythm and guitar, Seulgi couldn’t help but be reminded on Wendy’s acting in the music video, and hilariously poked fun at Wendy for how awkward she was then! She also complimented her on a job well done, and said she loves all of Wendy’s songs!

I remember the passionate acting in the MV. Seungwan must have been awkward LOL. She looked very cute in it. All of Wendy’s songs are good. I especially love this one.

Also, many people love this song, so I feel good!


As the song ended, Seulgi finished her commentary by throwing in a sweet compliment for Wendy, showing off their cute friendship once more!

Wendy is my friend, but I also respect her as a person. She has a great passion for music and continuously grows as an artist, it is very cool.


Seulgi couldn’t be more right! Listen to “Spring Love” here…

…and you can check out Red Velvet’s latest comeback, “Queendom”, here!

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