Red Velvet’s Seulgi And Wendy Hilariously Expose Yeri For Her New Ideal Type—Here’s Who It Is Now

Yeri’s unnies totally exposed her!

The members of Red Velvet are known to be close, and are always teasing each other in good fun! Recently, Wendy and Seulgi hilariously exposed Yeri for her change in ideal type after watching the trending K-Drama, Twenty One Twenty Five, bringing laughter to everybody!

Seulgi, Yeri, and Wendy | Lysn

Red Velvet recently made a guest appearance on Kim Shin Young‘s radio show, Hope Song At Noon, where they talked about their comeback, their daily hobbies, and more!

Red Velvet and Kim Shin Young | @mbcradio12/Instagram

Kim Shin Young brought up Yeri’s appearance on Secret Unnie in 2018, and how she told actress Han Chae Young about her ideal types—actors Jo In Sung and Kang Dong Won!

Yeri, you talked about your ideal type with Han Chae Young on a variety show in the past. You said that appearance doesn’t matter, and that you chose Jo In Sung and Kang Dong Won [as your ideal types].

Is your ideal type still the same? Who would you choose [to work with] if there are offers from 2 different dramas at the same time?

—Kim Shin Young

Kim Shin Young

Instead of choosing between the two actors, Yeri instead chose her current favorite K-Drama she’s been following these days—Twenty One Twenty Five!

Rather than choosing which one [drama]…actually these days, I’m really into the drama called Twenty One Twenty Five. All the actresses and the actors in the drama are really good-looking, and are really cool!


Kim Shin Young slyly brought up how actor Nam Joo Hyuk is one of the starring actors, and Seulgi hilariously exposed Yeri by hinting at how her ideal type changed to him after watching the drama!

Her ideal type has changed!


Yeri insisted it hadn’t, but then Wendy had Seulgi’s back! She commented that Yeri’s ideal type had indeed changed; in fact, she told the other members the day of the radio show itself!

It has changed! It’s indeed changed. She told us about it today. Her heart has changed!


You can watch the moment here!

Red Velvet made their comeback with “Feel My Rhythm”. Watch the MV for it here!

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