SM Entertainment Confirms Red Velvet’s Comeback Is Brewing In The Near Future

Reveluvs, it’s time to shine!

SM Entertainment recently held a press conference, Meet the Future – Post Pandemic. During the conference, they addressed the various future plans for their artists. Not only did they tease NCT‘s expansion into countries such as America, Europe and Africa, they also briefly revealed Red Velvet‘s upcoming plans for a comeback.

SM Entertainment’s CEO, Lee Sung Soo, announced that there are plans for the group to make a comeback soon.

Red Velvet – yes. There was a recent slight controversy, but we have already sincerely apologized to that person, and they will be returning with a more mature side soon. We hope many will show the group interest, anticipation and support.

— Lee Sung Soo

Previously, Irene was involved in a controversy for her past actions. She was called out by someone in the industry, to which she promptly and sincerely apologized for her actions. Subsequently, the group has been preparing quietly for their planned comeback.

| SM Entertainment

Red Velvet fans are rejoicing over the news given that it has been quite some time since the group made a full comeback. Although the group promoted as a unit, I&S with “Monster” just a few months ago, Red Velvet’s last full comeback was with “Psycho” in 2019. This is also the first comeback since Wendy‘s accident last winter.


Red Velvet

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