Red Velvet Reveals An Exciting Sneak Peek Of Their “Queendom” Comeback Choreography

It’s perfect 😍

Red Velvet is finally making their highly anticipated comeback and we could not be more excited! As the girls gear up to make their official comeback on August 16, they have been slowly, but surely starting to promote in different activities to further excite all of their fans. Their most recent promotion was an appearance on MMTG — and it was here that the girl group revealed a sneak peek of their upcoming “Queendom” choreography.

Red Velvet’s “Queendom” comeback photo | SM Entertainment

As soon as their new track began playing, the girls went into professional mode, as they completely synced up to dance their new choreography! They lit up into big smiles, which just says everything that needs to be said.

Going along with their “Queendom” theme, it seems that there is a move where the Red Velvet members all create a “crown” with their hands. Pair that with their cool and effortless transition move and we’ve got a certified hit on our hands!

The dance portion that the girl group showed featured a lot of hand choreography, which are notorious for being difficult due to the delicacy of the movements. However, the girls showed off their impressive synchronized movements, all while doing yet another fun transitional move! We especially love the little solo part from the group’s maknaeYeri.

And there you have it folks! Three more days until Red Velvet makes their first 5-member comeback since December 2019 — and the anticipation couldn’t be more real.

In the meantime, check out the Red Velvet members IreneWendy, SeulgiJoy, and Yeri on MMTG down below!

Red Velvet

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