Red Velvet’s “Queendom” Songwriter Breaks Down The Process Behind How A K-Pop Title Track Is Created

“…Does our company give you a theme? How does it proceed?”

Red Velvet has finally made their long awaited comeback with “Queendom” and with that has come a plethora of fun Red Velvet content.

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One thing ReVeluvs have been enjoying is the special 2 part series, Queendom Restaurant, where the girls give back to their team (including makeup artist, choreographers, hair stylists, and more) by making them dinner.

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During the first episode Seulgi dove into the process behind the creation of their music. First, she asked “Queendom” songwriter, minGtion, where she gets her inspiration when she writes songs.

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MinGtion began to explain by jokingly saying “Actually, I’m sure there are times you get some sort of divine inspiration. But honestly, it doesn’t happen to me most of the time.” 

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She then said,

 In the case of Queendom, I tried to think more about the top notes of the track. So at first… [minGtion sings the intro to ‘Queendom’]. After I made the track, we collaborated. I’m glad how the melody came out nicely with that as the foundation.


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Seulgi wasn’t done with her curiosity about the creative process, however, and followed this up with “Then, does our company give you a theme? How does it proceed?”

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Luckily, not only was their songwriter in the room but so were two members of their A&R (Artist & Repertoire) team. One of the pair explained that “they do that sometimes,” but then revealed that “sometimes songwriters gives us ideas first.”

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Overall, she described a very symbiotic relationship between the company and the songwriting team, saying,

But in the big picture, there are times when we suggest, ‘There is a song we’d like them to try’ Or, with our suggestion in mind, after they hear our suggestion, the songwriters would tell us that they came up with something else. So that happens at times too.

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We’re glad Seulgi is so curious about this or we never would’ve had such an insight into the inner workings of the K-Pop creative process. How much of this did you know about? Did any of this surprise you? Let us know and to read more things the girls learned from their team during this dinner, check out the article below:

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